Fashion Meets Art

These paintings (all diptychs) are versions of late 19th c. – early 20th c. European paintings juxtaposed with 1950’s women’s fashion ads. They are essentially portraits of the “female object” and “art object” that intimate issues of the viewer’s gaze, and the cachet of ownership. The super-imposition of a line of text over both panels both critiques and alludes to the commonalities which traverse the worlds of haute couture and fine art. The mix of text and image are also reminders of the commodification aspects of both fashion and art. These diptychs are designed to allow for a re-appraisal of distinctions maintained between “art” and “advertising”, “high” and “popular” culture, as well as a re-assessment of ideals such as originality, beauty, desire, and culture shared by both the fashion and art worlds. Included in this series is a sub-section entitled “Accessories”.

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