Sri Lankan born, Canadian Artist Frances Ferdinands has exhibited her acrylic paintings for over three decades in group and solo exhibitions in such diverse places as Paris, Bogota, Honolulu, the continental United States  and Canada.  Her work has been purchased for inclusion in corporate, private, and public collections.  Recent accolades include her work featured in two  Art books, “RETHINKING ACRYLIC”,  and  “ACRYLIC INNOVATION: 60 Visionary Artists”.

Her work is generally created in “series”  that have a  specific thematic focus,  such as WAR,  URBAN/NATURE,  Isolation (ADRIFT), FOOD FOR THOUGHT and MINING BEAUTY.   These have been important subjects  for her expression of concerns regarding the social and environmental conditions of post-modern society. More recently, “LASSANAI” (Beautiful) and “BETWEEN LATITUDES” emanated  from two study and research stays in her homeland of Sri Lanka.

Joan Murray,  noted Canadian Curator and Art Historian  writes,

“She (Ferdinands),  brings to painting an intelligent, exploratory consciousness.”

Virginia Eichhorn, Director/Curator of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery writes,

“Frances Ferdinands’ work is characterized by technical facility, richness of color, and breadth of vision………..” She addresses subjects of profound universal significance, yet does so through personal metaphor and imagery.  Engagements with her paintings is always a satisfying and enriching encounter.”