In this series I found new challenges in approaching the canvas, letting the imagery unfold in an organic manner, the elements of chance and improvisation infusing the work.

Much of the “Sari” and “Paisley” inspired paintings evoke my South Asian heritage in the vivid colors, textures, patterning, and motifs used throughout.   These subjects are rooted in the cultural, social and religious fabric of the region, which over time have been appropriated and adapted by western culture.  Their resultant hybrid nature allows me to intervene with my personal associations and configurations in the creation of works that I hope resonate on a visual and conceptual level. They are also symbolic of my own migration to the west, and my hybrid status as a Sri Lankan Canadian.

The “Totems” with their vertical thrust focus more on strength with gesture, and reflect the influence of the grandeur displayed by the ancient pine and maple trees that surround me here in my new country home.  These works demonstrate a more ” painterly approach” and include a concentration on gesture, texture, form and color, utilizing a variety of gels and pastes.

All of the paintings are linked together through the application of materials, and the use of unorthodox tools such as tile scrapers, spools of thread, the imprinting of fabric, shells, and bits of china which reflect my personal history. Within this I try to capture the spirit of these influences in creating a lively dance across a richly vibrant and nuanced surface.

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